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#Blogoween Sign-up post

If you´ve seen my last post,. You know I´m crazy about everything that has to do with autumn or Halloween. So when I heard about something called blogoween on twitter two days ago, I knew I had to do this. Never mind that I´m not the most regular of bloggers, and that even the smallest level (13 posts over the course of October) seems like very intimidating challenge. It sounds like fun, so I´m going to try it out!

What am I going to do?

Basically, blogoween is a month long event co-organized by Clo @ bookdragons and Fictionally Sam and hosted by several bloggers. Every day one of those bloggers posts a different autumn/Halloween themed post or prompt, and I do my best to pick some of them up and do something with them. Or make my own autumn related posts/book review, but the prompts sound like a lot of fun, so I´m going to stick to them mostly.


There are three levels to this challenge, and I´m going to go with the simplest one: 13 Days of Blogoween.

Which means I:

Get to pick 13 different prompts/days to post

Which don´t have to be consecutive

And don´t have to post on Halloween but can

Prompts I´m most likely going to tackle

This list is by no means complete and definity subject to change at any time. There are a lot of really fascinating prompts to pick and I don´t know if I´ll won’t change my mind. With that in mind, here are my 13 prompts for the next month (without descriptions as to keep a little bit of the surprise;):

(1.10) Halloween Creatures Tag 2.0 by Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward

(5.10) Creepy Crawlies by @ Reader Voracious

(7.10) An Evening of Mystery & Murder (prompt inspired by Clue) by @ Reader Voracious

(9.10)  Bookish Monster Bender by Camilla @ Reader In The Attic

(8.10) They Got My Back @ Reader Voracious

(12.10) Loving the monsters always ends badly for the human Lauren @ Northern Plunder

(15.10) Shapeshifter Jamsu @ jamsudreams

(16.10) Love Spells by Jamsu @ jamsudreams

(17.10) Hexes & Curses by Jamsu @ jamsudreams

(20.10) Top 5 Non-Horror Halloween Movies by Anna @ The Bursting Bookshelf

(23.10) Bonded, Bewitched, Drowned by Fictionally Sam

(27.10) Toil and Trouble by Soph @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

(30.10) Trapped With You by Clo @ Book Dragons 

 I can´t wait to get through the spooky season with this!

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